December in Honolulu

Ah, the holidays are here, decking our fireplaces with stockings and filling our bellies with hot cookies. Fortunately, the holiday season can do much more than satisfy our sweet tooth. In the city of Honolulu, you can find exciting events to attend all month. Allow us to list some that we are most excited for.

Shop ‘til you drop at the Farmer’s Market!

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Watch the Mililani Hometown Holiday Parade!

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Join the festivities on December 3rd for the opening night of the Honolulu Lights!

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Giddy up your ears for the Voices of Aloha Christmas Concert!

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Attend the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade!

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Do your Christmas shopping at the Mele Kalikimaka Marketplace.

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Jog for a cause at the Jingle Rock Run!

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20 Movies Filmed on Oahu

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We are reminded every day of the beauty of Hawaii, but for those who see Oahu for the first time, marvel at it’s sights. It’s scenery is unlike any other!

For it’s unique landscape, Oahu has been a sought after film location for decades. Who knew there were movies being filmed in our backyard??

Here are 20 of our favorite movies that have been filmed on the island. If we missed one of your favorites, be sure to comment the title below!

  1. Jurassic Park, 1992
  2. Karate Kid II, 1986
  3. 50 First Dates, 2003
  4. Along Came Polly, 2003
  5. Soul Surfer, 2011
  6. Godzilla, 1997
  7. Godzilla, 2014
  8. George of the Jungle, 1996
  9. Mighty Joe Young, 1997
  10. Hunger Games, 2013
  11. Blue Crush, 2002
  12. Pearl Harbor, 2000
  13. Throw Mama from the Train, 1987
  14. Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1980
  15. The Descendants, 2011
  16. Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 2008
  17. Big Eyes, 2014
  18. Aloha, 2015
  19. Point Break, 1991
  20. You, Me, and Dupree, 2006