Fix Your Flat in Nine Steps

We love the scenic route just as much as another Hawaiian local, but what happens when you a flat tire strikes outside of town? You pull up your sleeves and take care of it yourself! We’ve laid out nine simple steps to help your car go from flat to fabulous!

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1. Pull over & turn on your hazard lights! Drive your vehicle as far onto the shoulder as possible while avoiding areas that traffic may be difficult to control.

2. Gather your tools! We recommend you keep a jack, wrench and spare tire in your car at all times.

3. Loosen the lug nuts! Turning the iron left will turn these loosen them while refraining from removing them completely.

4. Use your jack! Place the jack under the frame of your car near the tire you are going to replace and raise your car about 6 inches.

5. Remove the lug nuts! It’s time to take that tire off. Simply pull the tire towards you until it’s free. Don’t forget to put your lug nuts in a place where you can’t lose them like your pocket.

6. Put on the spare! To assure that the tire is placed straight, line it up with the lug nut holes. Don’t be alarmed if your spare is smaller or even narrower than your other tires—this is completely normal!

7. Return the lug nuts to their home! Don’t tighten them completely, just enough to hold the tire in place.

8. Bring your car back to earth! Slowly and carefully lower your car to the ground using your jack.

9. Tighten up! Work your way around the wheel gradually tightening the lug nuts—be sure not to tighten them all at once. Once they are all fairly tight, make your way around the wheel to twist them as tight as they will go.