Hand-Wash vs Automatic-Wash: Which is Better for Your Car?

It’s important to keep your car clean for more reasons than you may realize. You always drive safely and schedule regular service appointments because your car’s appearance is important to you. But are you cleaning your car in the best way? We’re breaking down the differences between washing your car by hand and taking it to the automatic washer to help you learn how to better care for your car.

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Convenience is the first and most obvious pro of automatic car washes. Much quicker and easier than hand washing, automatic washers are also more convenient for the colder seasons when you’re lacking motivation to clean your car. Automatic washers are much easier for daily life.

Car going through an automated car wash machine

Convenience isn’t the only benefit of automatic washers. Air-blowers used in automatic washers are also better for your car than hand drying it with a towel. You can purchase air dryers for personal use, but professional-grade dryers with greater horsepower are faster and will help prevent streaking.

Going through Car Wash

Those are some of the most important benefits of automatic washers, but it’s the negatives of hand washing your car that really prove automatic washers are the way to go.

Daughter spraying water on her father with her mother washing the car

Hand washing your car on your driveway in the summer heat may seem like fun or can bring back good memories, but you may actually be doing more harm to your car. Sponges and rags can scratch your paint by rubbing grit into it. Even the soap you use could be damaging to your car if it’s not made for that purpose or properly washed off. Automatic car washes can avoid these mistakes with professional products.

Father and son washing car

Ultimately, automatic washes are not only easier and more convenient for you, they are also better for your car. And after you take your car to a quick and convenient automatic washer, stop by our dealership for a service appointment or a test drive.

hands hold sponge  for washing car