Why we love the Dodge Journey

Driving your family around all day can be a chore. We understand.

What if we were to tell you that there is a way to ease that burden? Shouldn’t there be as much joy in the journey as there is in the destination?

Of course there should be! To families suffering from drive-aphobia, we prescribe the Dodge Journey Crossover SUV, the perfect SUV for family travel.

Dodge named this little SUV the Journey for a reason: it is built to bring families long distances comfortably and efficiently. The interior has plenty of space and offers a comfortable arrangement for everyone. Seats fold in any which way to help make room for extra cargo. The kids will enjoy having an electric outlet in the back so that their devices never run out of charge. And did we mention there’s a drink cooler, too?

Those things may suffice for the kids, but the adults get a little something extra: dual-zone automatic temperature control, interior leather trim, and the available navigation system to name a few. You guessed it, the Journey is a comfortable ride.

Daily driving tends to burn up a lot fuel, but the Dodge Journey is an exception. With 26-mpg and a 500-mile range on the gas tank, you’re sure save a little money on gas during the drive. The available 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine will also help you power through any inclement weather or steep hills you may encounter.

Cart your family around in style and efficiency in the Dodge Journey. Your family will love you for it!

Five emergency essentials for your car

Contrary to popular belief, we are all not invincible. No matter how carefully we drive or how well we take care of our cars, something will inevitably happen. It could happen tomorrow, it could happen ten years from now, but what matters is how prepared you are when the time comes. Storing a few essentials in your car can make a world of difference, so consider throwing these in your shopping cart the next time you’re at the store:

1. Jumper cables. As you may know from experience, it is difficult to find someone who both has the time and the necessary jumper cables to come bail out your car when the battery dies. Keeping a set of jumper cables in the car may be unsightly, but they’ll get you out of a tight spot quickly.

2. First-aid kit. It’s always good to have a few medical supplies handy for family outings. A decent first-aid kit should include Band-Aids, antiseptic ointments, gauze, and so forth.

3. Tire gauge. Make a habit of checking your tire pressure periodically while at the gas station. A little effort can save you a lot of trouble when you suddenly discover your tire is flat. Don’t forget to check the spare, too.

4. Duct tape. We joke about the seemingly endless uses of duct tape, but a spare roll can come in handy in a pinch.

5. Poncho. Yes, they are a complete fashion disaster, but they will keep you dry if you need to change a tire in the middle of a Hawaiian rainstorm. You will never be so grateful for a cheap plastic sarape again