Our Service Department

We understand that bringing in your car for service can be a significant time commitment. It is easy to procrastinate a scheduled service, but would you rather it not die while you’re in a rush to a very important engagement?

That’s what we figured.

Our service department at Cutter Auto is here to serve you. No matter what ails your car, we can identify and fix the problem in a timely manner.

To put things in perspective, we would like to illustrate the long-term benefits of getting your car serviced regularly:

First, your fuel economy stays high. Hawaii is known for expensive gas prices, and a  regularly-maintained engine helps make full use of gasoline. A neglected engine slowly loses its efficiency, costing you more in gas money in the long run.

Your car is also going to last longer. A car service is like a visit to the dentist’s office; if you go in regularly, your chance of getting cavities filled decreases. The same goes for your car – prolonged absence from the service department may leave a few “cavities” in your car that will cost more to repair than a simple service.

Finally, your car will be much safer. Regular maintenance will allow our mechanics to spot potential problems with your car and fix them before they get worse. You also get a little peace of mind to boot.

If you’re apprehensive about getting your car serviced, have no fear! We at Cutter Auto are equipped to service a wide variety of makes and models. Bring your car in today!

See the video of our service department here!