The New Alfa Romeo Giulia Is Here!

The Alfa Romeo Giulia was revealed this past Wed. in Milan, Italy while Andrea Bocelli’s angelic voice sang opera in the background. The launch of this new vehicle—along with others to come—is a big step for FIAT Chrysler Automobiles. The brand is about to see big, positive changes in the popularity of their brand with the release of this new vehicle.

The CEO of FCA, Sergio Marchionne, announced that they will be spending around $5.6 billion dollars to develop eight new models that the world has never seen before by 2018. FCA plans to design their new vehicles by connecting with Milan’s roots with technical and performance breakthroughs. “The Giulia represents the beginning of the rebuilding of the Alfa Romeo brand,” Marchionne said.

Marchionne states that several hundred engineers worked on the design of the Giulia and is also working on the other seven designs at a secret location in Milan, Italy. “We needed a team to think outside of the box to think from a clean sheet of paper. We needed people who could create a fresh approach,” Marchionne said. “Alfa Romeo is different because it has been through an intense purification process.”


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