2017 Mazda CX-5: Stylish & Beautifully Designed

Come test drive the stylish, new 2017 Mazda CX-5 at Cutter Auto Group. You will be turning heads in this vehicle with its beautifully designed, driver-centric interior. With ample entrance and exit room, available heated rear seats, rear air conditioning, and USB ports in the front and rear center armrests this will be your most comfortable and connected ride yet. Mazda knows how music can improve a drive whether you are on a long road trip or on your regular commute. That’s why the all new CX-5 has ultra-clear sound emitted from the available Bose Centerpoint 2 Surround System with AudioPilot 2. It is also the quietest CX-5 yet with unique sound-deadening materials like the sound-insulating glass and seal insulation. No one wants to have to manually open the trunk when they have their hands full of groceries. That’s why the CX-5 has available Power Liftgate which opens and closes at your command with either the Advanced Keyless Entry button or a button located inside the drivers cabin. Plus, you’ll always have plenty of space with the standard easy-release 40/20/40 split fold-down rear seatback that lets you customize seating for up to five or offers 59.6 cubic feet of cargo space.

Mazda CX-5

The 2017 Mazda CX-5 is filled with high end technology to keep you safe and connected. Road conditions can be unpredictable, so Mazda offers the available i-ACTIV AWD which predicts when all-wheel drive might be needed. It monitors outside temperatures, throttle input, and even braking patterns. It then optimizes torque distribution to help curb traction loss. Never take your eyes off the road with the CX-5 Active Driving Display. Important data such as speed and guidance is projected onto the windshield in your line of sight. This minimizes distractions and keep you alert. The 2017 Mazda CX-5 also includes features such as Traffic Sign Recognition which recognizes and displays alerts of traffic signs, Mazda Radar Cruise Control, and Smart City Brake Support.

2017 Mazda CX-5 2

Come see what sets Mazda apart from the competition at Cutter Auto Group. You can test drive and experience the futuristic features like the Lane Departure Warning and Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring on the all new 2017 Mazda CX-5 today. You can also browse our online inventory here. We look forward to doing business with you!

December in Honolulu

Ah, the holidays are here, decking our fireplaces with stockings and filling our bellies with hot cookies. Fortunately, the holiday season can do much more than satisfy our sweet tooth. In the city of Honolulu, you can find exciting events to attend all month. Allow us to list some that we are most excited for.

Shop ‘til you drop at the Farmer’s Market!

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.54.45 AM


Watch the Mililani Hometown Holiday Parade!

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.55.15 AM


Join the festivities on December 3rd for the opening night of the Honolulu Lights!

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.55.52 AM


Giddy up your ears for the Voices of Aloha Christmas Concert!

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.56.13 AM


Attend the Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade!

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.56.35 AM


Do your Christmas shopping at the Mele Kalikimaka Marketplace.

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.57.01 AM


Jog for a cause at the Jingle Rock Run!

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.57.23 AM

20 Movies Filmed on Oahu

Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 9.50.48 AM


We are reminded every day of the beauty of Hawaii, but for those who see Oahu for the first time, marvel at it’s sights. It’s scenery is unlike any other!

For it’s unique landscape, Oahu has been a sought after film location for decades. Who knew there were movies being filmed in our backyard??

Here are 20 of our favorite movies that have been filmed on the island. If we missed one of your favorites, be sure to comment the title below!

  1. Jurassic Park, 1992
  2. Karate Kid II, 1986
  3. 50 First Dates, 2003
  4. Along Came Polly, 2003
  5. Soul Surfer, 2011
  6. Godzilla, 1997
  7. Godzilla, 2014
  8. George of the Jungle, 1996
  9. Mighty Joe Young, 1997
  10. Hunger Games, 2013
  11. Blue Crush, 2002
  12. Pearl Harbor, 2000
  13. Throw Mama from the Train, 1987
  14. Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1980
  15. The Descendants, 2011
  16. Forgetting Sarah Marshall, 2008
  17. Big Eyes, 2014
  18. Aloha, 2015
  19. Point Break, 1991
  20. You, Me, and Dupree, 2006

Halloween in O’ahu

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 9.35.34 AM


The spookiest night of the year is nearly here, when your neighbors are more ghoulish than usual and you let your freak flag fly. Dressing up for the season is just half the fun, the best part of Halloween is getting lost in corn mazes, ghost tours, and picking the perfect pumpkin at the patch. Fortunately, you can enjoy all of those activities here on O‘ahu!

We’ll start out listing the events with the spookiest of the bunch, the Haunted Plantation. The plantation village is open for 10 nights of fright in Waipai. If you really want to know how freaky the village is, watch this trailer for the 2015 scare season. You can find another night of scare at the Nightmares Live. With thirty years of screams under their belt, you’ll find a worthwhile fright here. Last, but not least, is Scare Hawaii. This year their theme is deranged souls, and with that, you can count us in!

Who knew that O’ahu was loaded with haunted sites? Well, we did. But it’s all thanks to the O’ahu Ghost Tour we took last year. If you want to know how to scare visiting friends and family on the island, a ghost tour is a must-do.

As for pumpkin picking, you can find that at Aloun Farms and Waimanalo Country Farms. There, you, like Charlie Brown, can find your own great pumpkin.

5 Tips for Maintaining a ‘New Car Smell’

When the office and the beach are just a couple miles apart, as they are in Honolulu, your car is likely to feel the consequences. Taking the punches from swim trunks full of sand and to-go meals between point A and B, your car is bound to build up some stink! Odors from leftover food and humid air can leave you wishing the Hawaii heat away, but before you do, take a look at some of our simple tips that will help your car smell fresh and keep it that way.


Keep it clean!Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 12.08.08 PM

We all eat in our car. There is no shame, but when you do, throw your trash away immediately! It’s scary how  stinky little crumbs and treats can leave your car  after just a few days.


Shake out your floormats!

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 12.08.51 PM

A quick shake here and there can prevent stench buildup from crumbs and sand. If you do not already have floormats, they are a great way to protect your car’s floor from food and dirt.


Never leave beach gear in your car!

The heat, plus the leftover saltwater on your towels, is a recipe for mildew disaster. Be sure to remove all beach gear before the night is through to ensure a satisfactory smell during your morning commute the next day.



Next time you go to a car wash, find one that offers vacuums. Sucking up the bits of  grit and grime before they start releasing their stink can save you and your backseat drivers  some agony.


Select an odor neutralizer!

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 12.09.44 PM

Although pina colada and strawberries ’n’ cream air fresheners may jibe with your vibe, you may want to select an odor neutralizing scent in order to prevent nasty smells from building up.

Dress Up Your Car This Halloween!

Although you may be busy putting together a Madonna or zombie costume for a spooktacular party this weekend, we are going to ask you to put the down the glitter and glue gun to bring your attention here—it’s time to dress your car up for Halloween! We’ll share some of our favorites from the internet that will be sure to spook the neighborhood brats without breaking the budget.

  1. The Haunted Jeep

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.38.02 PMImage via Pinterest


2.  DIY Hands and Feet

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.38.54 PM

Image via Undeadblog



3. The Road to Oz

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.40.28 PM

Image via C.R.A.F.T.


4. A Trick-or-Treater’s Dream: Candyland

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.41.11 PMImage via C.R.A.F.T.


5. Spooky Magnetic Car Decor

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.41.49 PM

Image via HeartSong


6. The Kardashian

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.42.27 PMImage via Carlashes


7. Ogre Patrol (Whatever that means…)

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.43.11 PMImage via Carfax



Driving in Honolulu

What may be normal to us in Honolulu is strange to people on the mainland. Don’t believe us? We can begin by telling you that referring to citizens in the 48 states sandwiched between Canada and Mexico as mainlanders is unique to us Hawaiians. Hawaii’s uniqueness becomes more apparent as you take this theory to the streets.


Driving in Hawaii is a learning experience for tourists and others new to the island. When receiving directions to Leonard’s Bakery, you may expect to hear the words “makai” and “makau”, or even North of [a popular landmark]. To us that’s completely normal, but in the rest of the states, you’ll expect to receive directions like “take a right here and a left on the next street”. Tourists may want to stick to a GPS for directions.

Rather than stating the amount of time a drive will take, mainlanders tend to reference distance from point A to B in miles. The two are quite interchangeable, but the amount of time it takes one person to make a drive compared to another can vary a lot. After all, we all have that friend that drives 95 mph on the H-1.


Speaking of the H-1, we ll know that you must plan your day around rush hour or else… After all, Honolulu has some of the worst traffic in the country. And although many come here to vacay, we are here to stay, and so is rush hour traffic.


USA Olympians: What they would be if they were cars

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.09.02 AM

Elegance is Gabby Douglas and the Chrysler 200. Like Gabby Douglas for her second Olympics, the Chrysler 200 has made a comeback. Better than ever, we’d say the two are as good as gold.



Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.09.45 AM

Small, yet mighty, provides the perfect description for 4 foot 8’ inch Olympian and the FIAT that puts the might in mighty. Just like Simone has proven, big things can come in small packages. We think this duo would be a firecracker!


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.10.24 AM

Just like the Buick Regal, Kerri Walsh Jennings has been around the block. She knows the playing field and with three gold medals under her belt, she’s very well perfected it.


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.11.08 AM

With 21 gold medals in his career in a range of different races, Phelps’ versatility is what makes us believe he could pull off being a ride as flexible as the Jeep Wrangler.

Fun Facts About the ‘Sport of Kings’ (Surfing)

  1. Duke Kahanamoku, the “Father of modern surfing”, revitalized surfing on Waikiki beach in the early 1900s.Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.34.12 PM
  2. Captain James King wrote the earliest account of surfing known in 1779. He wrote “who had the most supreme pleasure while he was driven so fast and smoothly by the seas.”Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.37.55 PM
  3. Surfing is nicknamed the ‘sport of kings’ because it was originally reserved for royalty.
  4. Among the oldest sports on earth, prehistoric stone carvings in Chan Chan in Peru depict surfers.Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.38.21 PM
  5. The amount of female surfers around the world has risen by 300% since 2002.
  6. Following WWII the surfboard was revolutionized through materials like styrofoam, fiberglass and resin.
  7. In 1928, the first major surf competition took place in Corona del Mar, California.
  8. Believe it or not, Plymouth University in the UK offers a Surf Science and Technology degree.
  9. Hollywood helped push surfing into popularity with movies like Gidget and The Endless Summer.Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.38.39 PM
  10. American Surf Magazine recorded that 66% of surfers think about sharks while riding a wave.
  11. You are more likely to die from a falling coconut than to die from a shark attack.
  12. The longest ride ever on a single wave was 37 minutes long on a pororoca, a tidal bore wave on the Amazon River.Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 1.38.57 PM

Must-Have Accessories This Season (For Your Jeep)

Although it’s always in style to accessorize, with 10% or more off all car accessories at Cutter Honolulu CJDR, it’s never been so affordable to look and feel this good in your Jeep. We’ve created a guide for all your must-have accessories.Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.53.15 PM



Grab Handles

Do you remember the car game where you would smash the people sitting opposite of the corner of the turn you were taking? Well, it’s a lot more fun when the doors are on, which is why we greatly recommend grab handles for your jeep, especially if you’re one of those Jeep people that like to drive doorless.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.54.24 PM



Slush Mats

Keep the dirt and grime of a great weekend to a minimum with easy to was slush mats. Do you know what’s better than 10% off slush mats? 15% off slush mats—we aren’t joking. Get your coupon here.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.55.05 PM



Wrangler Door Sill Guards

Do you want to know what’s also 15% off? Wrangler Door Sill Guards. Their purpose is to protect your Wrangler’s door sills from damage.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.55.32 PM



Phone Mount

The fear that the turn of a wheel could break your beloved iPhone is the harsh reality of off roading or even cruising without a phone mount. That’s why we are big fans of the Daystar Dash Panels. This is created with perfectly proportioned compartments to hold goods like sunnies, phones, and MP3 players.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 2.56.00 PM



Fire Extinguisher

This one could be self explanatory, but with the dangers that come along with off-roading, we’ll explain that you should be prepared for anything. A fire could happen on your own Jeep or in its surroundings.