Off-Roading Basics

Off-Roading Basics
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As we all know, it takes some effort to get to the best waves. We locals don’t want to spend all day searching for a spot on the overcrowded beaches, only to have to navigate an ocean of sunburned tourists to make it into the water! The secret treasures of the island usually are blocked by a muddy, unpaved road. If you want to spend some quiet beach time with the monk seals, it might be helpful to go over some off-roading pointers!

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Off-roading essentials

  • A tank full of gas
  • First aid kit (you should have one in your car anyway)
  • Phone and charger
  • Tow rope
  • Spare tire
  • GPS
  • Water
  • Shovel

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Before you start, check the depth of the mud. Two inches is very different than four feet.

Whatever you do, the answer is never “floor it” when it comes to being stuck in the mud. You’ll either spin the tires deeper into the mud or you’ll lose control and slide (possibly into a tree). If you are stuck, try gently moving your vehicle slightly forwards and backward by slowly alternating between reverse and drive to create some traction under your tires.

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Don’t bother driving on sand if you don’t have four-wheel drive.

It is difficult to maintain traction on the sand, so the first thing to do is to deflate your tires to about 15-20 PSI. Lower tire pressure creates more surface area, which helps your tire stay on the surface of the sand.

Avoid turning as much as possible. It is a lot of work for your car to push through the sand, so maintaining your forward momentum will help keep you from getting stuck. If you do get stuck, you can use your floor mats to regain traction.

If there are already tracks in the sand, try to follow them, because the sand is already packed down.

Don’t forget to put the air back in your tires when you get back on the pavement!

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